Swing has lot of components built-in but still some are missing. This project provides the developer community with these missing components, components inspired (copied?!) from modern user interfaces.

Editing properties
This is the main job of the PropertySheet component, it puts together a list of properties and their editors. Each property is given a name, a type, a description.It also supports JavaBeans through BeanInfos and PropertyDescriptors.


March 17th, 2007: a new build has been posted, get it here.

March 28, 2005: some of the components may one day be included in Swing through SwingX.

Try the Java WebStart demo

Building task oriented applications
Lot of recent applications bring contextual item lists from which you can pick tasks related to the current selection or context. The JTaskPane and JTaskPaneGroup deliver this feature to java applications.
Organizing the option dialog
Even if this is not the primary goal of the JButtonBar, this is where you often find it. It is a bar made of buttons [sic], you have seen it in Mozilla Firebird, IntelliJ.

Build the nextgen e-mail client
the JOutlookBar (seen in...Outlook) stacks components together and allows only one of the stack to be visible at a given time. The component extends the JTabbedPane, no surprise regarding its API

Selecting fonts and directories
Surprisingly Swing has no font chooser and using the original JFileChooser to select a directory is kind of not so user friendly...well, you know how it works. JFontChooser and JDirectoryChooser address these two issues.
Did you know...
... you do not have a Tip of The Day dialog in Swing. Well, now you have it with the JTipOfTheDay component!
  ...and others
BannerPanel, BaseDialog, other utilities are part of the library to support the main components.

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JavaWebStart Demo

Try the new components! Run the javawebstart demo.

If you do not want to access the webstart demo, you can view an animated gif.

Icons used in the demo application are courtesy of Iconshock.com

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