Theme Converters

Skin Look And Feel supports GTK and KDE skins. These theme engines provide support for most of the components of Swing.

Since the beginning, the choice was made to not create SkinLF own skin format but to reuse existing. Adding support for new theme engines is one of the goal of the next SkinLF versions. Meanwhile, end-users want to get new themepacks to include in their application and to be able to create such themepacks easily. Here come converters. A converter will convert a skin in a specific format in a theme pack using GTK and KDE engines.

Abstract Converter

MS Visual Style Converter

Windows XP ships with the ability to theme the user interface. It comes with the default Windows XP style aka Luna. Themes in Windows XP are called Visual Styles. They are binary files containing the images used to paint the various components along with theme description files (in xml).

There are tools to create such themes. One of the tool we are going to use is StyleBuilder from tgtsoft. StyleBuilder knows how to extract the images and resource files from the Visual Styles.

The converter migrates StyleBuilder-extracted Microsoft Visual Styles to SkinLF themepacks. The conversion is not straightforward and requires some preparation but it kinds of work.

First step is to find a Visual Style to convert. There are multiple at Then the theme has to be extracted using StyleBuilder. Once extracted, the converter can be invoked to create the themepack.